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Empowering Masese, Uganda with love, business opportunities and education. BUT FIRST, WE NEED A FENCE.

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Help provide sustainable income for Ugandan women by buying their beautiful handmade jewelry. Though impoverished, there are women in Uganda who are finding creative ways to provide for themselves and their families through their art of jewelry. 100% of proceeds go directly to Uganda. Beads made from 100% recycled paper.

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African Camp Impressions

Sometimes kids just make you proud! If they are teens and young adults it is even sweeter! I was in the library just having returned to the Ugandan village in East Africa I have come to love. A bus drove up and unloaded some of my very favorite people. They were just returning from a church camp we had sent them to over their

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One by One

One by one they won hearts. They weren’t exactly handpicked. They just won our hearts. It is usually our first trip to Africa that gets us woven into their lives. Sponsoring a child in Africa isn’t by happenstance. Sometimes I think it is God pairing us up and sometimes I think it is some wise mother. Usually I just think it is just the

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Girl Without Knickers

Faces can blur in crowds. When there are lots of eyes on you it is harder to see the individual ones. However Elizabeth stood out from the beginning. She was a bit older and obviously delighted to be in school. Not having the chance to attend even the “free” schools in Uganda she was now having a chance to learn. She wasn’t the only

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