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By sponsoring a student in Masese, Uganda you are helping develop and equip a child living in abject poverty to raise themselves up out of their circumstances.
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Age: 14

She is 14 in Primary Six. Her mother died of Tuberculosis. Her father is nowhere. She is under the care of her grandmother who looks after six children. Shiba would like to become a Doctor. Best subject is Science, loves red, netball, and rice $ meat

Your support of $35/ month provides lunch fees, food beyond school meals, school supplies, medical assistance, bedding and blankets and family assistance. and most of all a chance to be encouraged, loved, guided and valued.

Your support of $35/ month provides:


  • Coverage of lunch fees
  • Food beyond school meals
  • School supplies and books
  • Medical assistance
  • Bedding, mattress and blankets
  • Family assistance
  • A chance to be encouraged, loved, guided and valued.

Sponsorship ensures opportunity to develop cognitively, physically, economically, socially, and spiritually.

In short, you will be giving your child a future and a hope.

We are happy to announce we now have over 180 children sponsored! (but 350 are still in need!)


More Benefits of Sponsorship:


As a sponsor, you will play a vital role in your child’s life. Helping that child will play a vital role in your life. You can build a relationship through pictures and letters. Sponsorship is a meaningful experience that will touch every member of your family. You will even have an opportunity to travel to Uganda to meet your child with a team from H.E.L.P. International.

H.E.L.P. International is a humanitarian aid organization that has been helping children and the underserved across the world since 2000.

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