About The School

Building the future

In April 2009 with one teacher and 45 children, HELP Uganda started a free primary school for the children in the slum village of Masese in an open air barn with no walls, electricity or books. 

Today with the help of an amazing Ugandan team, a committed team of American volunteers, and generous supporters, the school has grown to over 550 students in Masese, 300 students on Kisama Island and a number of community development programs.

The School is Continuing to Grow

While we are proud of the school’s progress, our plan is to continue expanding so we can better serve Masese. In the past the people of this area have had little hope, battling limitations in education, sanitation, and clean water. Diseases like malaria, yellow fever, and malnutrition have been rampant in the area.

We are creating hope together.

The Help School employs 35 community members and serves 550 children who receive 2 meals a day, clean drinking water, and latrines. We have seen a decrease in cases of malaria, yellow fever, and malnutrition. We have also seen an overall increase of income for the community through vocational training (link to digital education program info), micro loan programs (link to micro loans info), and computer labs for both our students and adult education classes.


Help Sponsor a Child Today

By sponsoring a child in Masese, Uganda you are helping develop and equip a child living in abject poverty to raise themselves up out of their circumstances

Interested in Learning More?

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