Special Projects


A Meal a Day Nourishment Program

The Meal-A-Day Nourishment Program was created to help give the children of Masese the opportunity to have breakfast and lunch. Many children rely on the meals they get at school to feed them entirely.

Just $10 dollars a month will help pay for 100 meals to ensure no child goes hungry.


Health Care

HELP is committed to community health in all areas. By working with the students, parents, and community, we are helping to create healthier habits and futures.



Multigenerational poverty is common in developing countries. Help improve educational outcomes for the people in Masese through microfinance loans.

Scholarship Fund

A good portion of students at the school don’t have a sponsor when they graduate. The High School Scholarship Fund provides tuition assistance to those without sponsors so they can also attend Secondary School.

Aquaponic and Agriculture Training Programs for a Sustainable Future

We believe breaking the cycle of poverty can only be accomplished through a self sustainable future. One of the ways we hope to move forward in this goal is through agricultural projects.

Computer Lab

With the help of many donors, we were able to build a new classroom block, complete with a computer lab. The computer lab not only provides important lessons for the children of the school, but it also gives us the ability to provide computer education for members of the community.


Bigger than Beads Project

One of our main fundraising platforms is our Bigger than Beads project. HELP Uganda partners with groups of women in Masese village who create beautiful jewelry and crafts. The women have limited resources, but they have become experts in creating this stunning artwork out of paper beads.

Field Trips

Sponsor a Field Trip

The Field Trip Program gives students the opportunity to experience the world around them. We have been able to take our students to see agriculture fairs, museums, and even the zoo. Many children have never been outside of Masese, so this is an incredibly exciting program.

Your donation will help the children have an experience they will never forget.

Interested in Learning More?

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