Bigger Than Beads Project

Bigger than Beads Project (Women’s Empowerment Project for 120 Women)


One of our main fundraising platforms is our Bigger than Beads project. HELP Uganda partners with groups of women in Masese village who create beautiful jewelry and crafts. The women have limited resources but they have become experts in creating this stunning artwork out of paper beads.

They use long srips of colorful paper to roll these lovely beads. Many of the women in this program face devastating circumstances in their personal life. Some suffer from diseases like HIV and Aids, many are widowed or have been abandoned by their husbands, several are grandmothers who are raising their orphaned grandchildren. All of these women are working hard to feed and house their families.

HELP Uganda buys the colorful jewelry from these amazing women, and a group of dedicated volunteers from the United States sell the jewelry. All of the money that is made from these sales is used to support the HELP primary school and other development projects. When you purchase from Bigger than Beads you not only get a one of a kind piece of jewelry but also the satisfaction of helping hundreds of people in Uganda.

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